Monday, July 11, 2011

baby steps

I don't really have much to say. Is it possible to plateau before you start losing any weight? I've been 126-127 for a week now. I think I am eating too much. I am torn because I have to run because I am doing my marathon training but if I run I need energy and then I eat. If I don't eat after about 3 miles I feel so drained! I just am not losing and its frustrating as hell. I am eating roughly 1,000 cals a day. I guess I need to cut to 800 cals on days I run 4+ miles and 300 cals on days I don't run.

On another note, I am moving in a few days. On friday actually. My roommate has lost 20 pounds over the past year and she looks awesome! She is a weird eater too like me. She is def disordered although I don't think she will admit it. She has the perfect body. Shes thin, flat stomach, thin legs, but toned. She runs 7 miles a day! And she eats super healthy. I am glad though because she won't pressure me to eat poorly.

I am just sooo frustrated with this weight. I can't believe I let myself myself get to this size. 127 pounds!! Thats the most I have ever weighed. Ever. Ugh.

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