Tuesday, May 25, 2010

its official

It is official. I am fat! I know this because Sherry, a contestant on the biggest loser, weighs less than me!! What the hell!!


  1. LMAO that fucking SUCKS!

    Just think though... that bitch probably has so much extra skin flapping around, she's never gonna look good nekkid. NEVER. Ewww.

    They always come back for the reunion things looking a bit tighter... puhleeze, the tummy sags after just having a baby, you know after losing 200lbs these people are having some serious nip-tucks.

    No worries, you are naturally sexy.

  2. Haa no I'm sure she doesn't look good nekkid ( but then again neither do I right now). She was like 56 years old anyway!