Tuesday, March 23, 2010

biggest loser

So a bunch of ladies at my work are doing this biggest loser competition in which everyone puts in $20 and for a month you try to lose as much weight as you can and whoever loses the most according to body percentage gets the money.

This can be good and bad. Good because competition is great motivation for me to lose weight but at the same time since my way of losing weight will result in me losing a lot in a little bit of time I'm not sure I want everyone knowing my weight on a weekly basis. Some of the girls at work give me enough shit as it is saying how they never see me eat and blah blah (obviously I do eat because I'm a fat cow).

Anyway we will see I guess!


  1. ooh that could be fun. of course after you won the competition they would be so jealous that it wouldnt matter how fast or slow you lost the weight, they would still say something really bitchy about how you "probably didnt eat". and hey, you could always water load before each weigh in so it would look like your losing slower than you really are.
    stay strong

  2. put rolls of quarter or change in your pockets for the weigh ins and slowly remove it all until the final weigh day comes. there's an illusion of slower weight loss.

  3. Such good ideas guys thanks! I knew I could count on you for some great ideas. <3