Wednesday, March 24, 2010

home alone

I love days when I'm home alone because I can not eat/eat in my own weird way and no one bugs me! Tonight I am taking a kickboxing class which should be fun and a little harder than my last class. I am going to wear my heart monitor tonight to see how many calories I burn. I ate more than I wanted to today but it was all healthy stuff and I was just starving! And my weight this morning was 116! I hope it sticks.

B- kashi cereal with skim milk = 100
banana = 80
L-turkey sandwich = 150
peach fruit cup = 25
granola bar = 100
D- subway sub, 1/2 the bread taken off = 180

total roughly 665. More than 500 but I will burn it off at kickboxing tonight.

1 comment:

  1. Cool, have fun.
    Tonight I had gumbo. Yummy, but spicy. Wish I could get off my ass and do a kickboxing class. But, I'm burping. They'd probably have to cancel the class due to noxious gas.

    xoxo zen