Thursday, March 18, 2010

Found out

Oh crap I'm in trouble. I was up late the other night reading every one's blogs and I must have left a web page up or something and my fiance saw it. He said something to me last night when I was drunk and I ignored him. All he said was "I saw some web page you had up about starving yourself." I just acted like I didn't know what he was talking about but crap, crap, crap! Now I have to be extra careful and make sure to eat around him. Shit.


  1. omg im so sorry! thats so terrible and scary. gah i cant even imagine what i would do. thank god my boyfriend probably wouldnt understand what he was reading anyways.
    stay strong

  2. I get so paranoid too. If someone came across one, I guess I'd just tell them I thought it was interesting to read about other peoples lives. Now, if someone I knew read my OWN blog, that would be quite vulnerable.
    Hopefully he will just let it slide.

    xoxo zen