Tuesday, March 23, 2010

kicking ass, or getting my ass kicked

I worked out hard core today! Took a 3 mile jog then did an hour long weight training class with some friends. The instructor said you burn about 500 cals but I don't believe him. I mean I worked hard and felt my muscles burn worse than I have ever felt before, but I think it was more like 300 cals. Plus the 300 I burned running. Anddd we went and got sushi after and I only ate 1 roll (but ordered 2 like everyone else and took one home for the hubby). And all day I had only consumed 400 cals.

So, B/L= 400
D= 360

Minus calories burned 600?? So my grand total is 160ish!! Yayy me.


  1. Holy crap. That was awesome! And I looove sushi. Unfortunately I can wolf down about 10 rolls, plus a whole bottle of sake.
    Nobody else would have gotten a bite.
    sora no!

    xoxo zen

  2. Greetings :) Thank you for your recommendation, I think I will order Unwell shortly :D I am in the middle of Thin right now (by Grace Bowman) and I just finished Running on Empty-- I'm reading them too fast!!

    Nothing... NOTHING beats Wasted. I've just read it so much and I don't want it to lose it's shock-factor (13 times... kind of a lot), but it IS the best out there :P

    I am enjoying your blog. Keep up your hard work-- it will pay off :) You're awesome :P