Wednesday, March 3, 2010

whole foods

I made my first trip to whole foods today! It was good because they have these organic kids cliff bars that are packed with vitamins and minerals and only 120 calories. My favorite flavor is chocolate brownie. It is sooo good and I eat half to get my chocolate fix on days I feel like im going insane. Its better than eating real chocolate. At least it has vitamins and oats and stuff. I also got a box of yogi tea which is soo yummy and calorie free!

On the down side since the store focuses on things that are organic, not much of it it fat free or low fat. I did pick up some fat free frozen yogurt. Its not a store I would shop at every day but once and awhile is nice.

I went to the gym today. Still 115 pounds! Ughh. Oh well I will just keep trying hard.

I also read in an article that to get the contestents to lose weight on the biggest loser they take their weight and multiply it by 6 and that is how many calories they should be eating. So, using this formula 115 x 6 = 690. Therefore, I should not ever ever ever go above 690 calories. If theose overweight people can restrict and eat only 6 times their body weight then I can too! Also, they are working out like 8 hours a day and they are probably eating around 1800 calories, but since they are used to eating like 4000 I'm sure it is kind of hard for them.

Well hope you ladies are having a wonderful day! Stay strong amd starve on!

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  1. Hmmm... interesting calculation. Very cool. I don't feel so bad about restricting then as long as I stay in that range.

    Glad you found a healthy chocolate fix, I may check out my local organic/vegan store and see if they have any low cal stuff I can munch on.

    xoxo zen