Tuesday, March 16, 2010

weight gain

This sucks! I am training for a marathon that is in the last week of April and I've been running a lot. Between 3 and 6 miles a day, 5 days a week. On the upside, I am burning a shit ton of calories. The down side, I'm gaining weight. I am currently at 120 despite my efforts to restrict. Since I am burning so many calories I am so incredibly hungry! I crave carbs all the time. I have to eat carbs to give myself energy. It sucks. I also have most likely gained muscle. I really just need to eat before I run then eat fruits and veggies after and that's it!! Any advice, please let me know!

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  1. I gain a bit from water weight when I train. Plus extra carbs can cause retention too. It will pass. Keep drinking tons of water. Do not let yourself get dehydrated, that just makes your body retain even more. It will flush out. I promise.

    xoxo zen