Thursday, July 22, 2010


I just hate, hate, hate the RN at my doctor's office. I don't know why I just don't like her. She is so snobby. I don't think she likes me either though. So anyway, I had to go to the doctors today as a follow up appointment for some migraine medication I am on. Now keep in mind I was just there a few weeks ago when I got a terrible cold and I was skinnier. Last time I went my weight, with shoes and clothes on, was 115. Today I am bloated (about to get my period) and I know for a fact I am at least 120 with shoes and clothes on and honestly I just don't want anyone (except you ladies because I heart you) to know how much I weigh. So, when she asked me to get on the scale I said "Oh I think I'm going to skip that part today." Oh my god you would think I killed the women's puppy. She was like ...gasp... "really??" but she said it in a way like I just called her a foul name or something. She seemed insulted and then under today's date she wrote "weight: refused." Bitch! I just hate her! Who cares if I don't want to get on the freaking scale. I was there 3 weeks ago. Anyway, why does a person have to get weighed every...single...time they go to the doctor? If I gained 20 pounds you would know. If I lost 20 pounds (please, god, please) you would know. Anyway, sorry to rant. Hope you girls are having a great day.

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