Sunday, June 27, 2010


So my hubby made me a bet. He bet me that I can't be 112 pounds by Monday. If I don't make weight I have to take dog walking/waking-up-at-7-am-to-feed-them duty for an entire month! Efff that! I ended up eating a little bit tonight because I was at work and I was starved and I knew if I didn't eat something healthy I would do something dumb so I ate a 400 calorie meal. I then freaked out and purged most of if in the bathroom but then some people came in and I can't purge quietly with people in the stall next to me. So anyway I still think tonight is s fail because I came home and the scale said 2 pounds then what I need it to say.

7 days...

5 pounds...

OMG I am going to need some serious restriction, Tomorrow:

B- fat free cottage cheese and egg whites- 115
L- protein shake (before gym)- 120
D- veggies burgers -160
broccoli- 60
S- sugar free jello and fat free cool whip 50

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