Tuesday, June 8, 2010


As much as I am going to be so embarassed to post these pictures I don't think anyone actually reads this anyway. Haa. So here goes nothing. This is me in all my 120 pounds of fatness.

Ughh look at the belly pouch and love handles.

My fat ass.

Front view isn't so bad...if I were 6 months prego!

So hopefully I will post more at 110 pounds and then at 100 (if and when I get there).


  1. you know what , i think it shows how strong and brave you are to put pics up of yourself. ive still yet to build up the courage because of how gross i look (i have so many stretch marks that i look like a road map). i think you look really good. i actually looked the same when i was 120 too :) its nice to see someone with the same body build as me....also i have those EXACT same underwear..creepy lol. keep up the good work. if anything, set little mini goals in between at 2 pds intervals to keep your enthusiasm up. i know that once i hit 118 i was SUPER happy to have the mini goal there. you'll be down in the teens in no time.
    stay strong and keep posting those pictures! i cant wait to see pics at 115!

  2. I always read your blog. And I actually think you have a cute little ass. Hope that doesn't sound too kinky... fuckit if it does anyways. So, just 13lbs to first goal.
    You can SO do it!
    xo's zen