Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back from the Beach

Hello! I'm back from the beach and oh my was it terrible. More terrible than I could have imagined. All of my girlfriends that I went with are around my height and my same weight, except we all carry it differently. Of course, I carry my weight in my stomach and thighs. I have a very small upper body. Skinny arms ( I can see all my veins) and I have always been able to see my collar bone. My hip bones however have only shown at one period in my life and that was when I was 105 pounds. My girlfriends, however, are more proportioned so when I put on a bathing suit I was definitely the fat ass. Literally, my ass was the fattest. Uggghh.

To make it worse, of course I starved myself all day like I always do and normally it is fine and I can handle it butttt of course I practically binge drank so I drunk ate twice and don't remember it. Chicken cheese steaks and pizza. FML. Miraculously I didn't gain any weight. Not a single pound! When I left I weight 119 and came home and I still weight 119. Thank god!

Well anyway, today was ok.

b- Fiber one bar- 90 cals
l-chicken sand - 230 cals
veggies- 35 cals
low fat ranch - 70 cals
d- grilled cheese - 400 cals (bad bad very bad)
raw green bell pepper and fat free ranch - 60 cals

Total 885 cals. Sooo bad!

I ran 3 miles too, but I don't subtract my workout calories because I don't think food should be my reward.

Tomorrow's goal is under 700 and run 3 miles.

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