Thursday, June 24, 2010

bikini wax

I'm finally going to do something that I've been wanting to do for forever. I'm going to get a bikini wax! I can't believe I'm going to pay someone $40 to rip out my coochey hairs! I'm super excited though. Its going to hurt like hell but it will be worth it.

Anyway 116.0 this morning. OMG I'm almost there. I hope to god I'm 115 by tomorrow. I need to be 112 by next week. I am eating under 500 until I see 112. I don't care if I have to go to the gym and only walk my 5 miles. I WILL do 5 miles. I WILL eat under 500. I WILL be 112 pounds by next week!! Tomorrow's meal plan:

B- fat free cottage cheese 80
Starbucks tall iced skinny latte extra shot 60
L- morning star veggie pattie 80
wheat bun 70
fresh pineapple 80
D- granola bar 90
steamed veggies 35

Total = 495 calories

Starve on ladies <3

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  1. you asked what i's quite simple.
    i eat 20g of protein 4x a day. every four hours.
    i use a lot of whey powder (walmart, big tub for 15$) mixed with water and protein bars...(target and wal mart sell a kind that has 20g for 180 cals...about $6.50 a box)

    a typical day will look like this...
    7am...80 cal strawberry yogurt with 1/2 scoop chocolate whey powder
    11 or water with protein powder
    5 pm...dinner (protein like a vegi burger)

    if i'm starved at night, i will have a yogurt.

    i struggled until i started with the protein.
    protein feeds your muscles that in turn, eat fat.
    it works.

    i work out a lot.
    but not too much.
    an hour a day, plus weights.