Saturday, June 12, 2010

Well thank you ladies for the nice comments. I know I'm not the best writer but I'm going to try to make this a little more interesting so maybe more people will read it. Its saturday night and I am home alone. I could go to dinner or go get drinks with friends but that all involves ingesting calories. So instead I am home by myself like a loser and feeling quite depressed about it. I was thinking about going to the movies by myself but I think that would make me even more depressed.

So my fiance decided to take me on a cruise. Yayy. Now I really have to lose 10 pounds or I'm going to look like a beached whale. Were leaving in like 23 days so that is an average of 3 pounds a week. I lost 10 pounds in a week in a half earlier this year so I know I can do it. I think I'm going to need some fast days though. As always though I will keep you all updated.

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