Tuesday, February 9, 2010

better but not quite

For some reason the past few weeks have been soo hard for me! I went to the gym today finally. I weighed in at 115.5. So depressing. To make it worse its snowing again! So I'll be stuck in the house for another 3 days surrounded by food and not able to get to the gym.

I was reading the new Harper's Bazar today and they are debuting all the spring clothing lines. I've been starving myself all winter to be super skinny for spring shopping and all I have lost is a measly 7 pounds!

Well this is my day today:
Gym -270 cals

B-Kid's Cliff Bar = 120 cals
L- Salad w/ dressing = 100 cals
Turkey 3 oz = 90 cals
D- Cheese quesadilla = 200
My "low cal" french toast = 115 cals
S-Special K fruit crisp = 100 cals

Total: 725 cals ( I don't subtract workout calories)

I want to try to stay under 700 but at least I came close! Thats all for now.

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