Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Thinspo video

Ok first I want to start and say that this video is totally not meant to be used as thinspo. This girl is in recovery and I hope she really does get better (although I still want to look like her so badly!) I might be going to hell for this but oh well!

This video really is my main source of thinspo right now because our lives are very similar. I have the same body type, played soccer my entire life. Thick thighs. Not fat but just thick with fat and muscle. Athletic looking.

She gets sooo skinny. 45 pounds in 2 months! Wow.

I just want to say for this girl's sake, I hope she gets well and takes care of herself. You can only recover if you are ready. For those of us that aren't ready, starve on.

1 comment:

  1. DAMN! I am sad to say this, but I really thought she looked great too! Her loss of energy was sad, but if she'd upped her cals and did cardio, she might have felt better and still looked model thin.
    I HAVE to exercise or else I'd sleep all day.
    Thanks for sharing it.