Monday, February 8, 2010


I am feeling a little bit discouraged right now. I have been following the blog choke on air for some time now. Although she is much taller than me, her BMI when her weight was 134 is the same as mine is now. She began staying under 800 cals for a few months with frequent binges of 1000 or more calories. Somehow she managed to get down to 120 pounds over the holidays while admitting that she did binge quite often.

I don't get it! I exercise 6 days a week and always stay under 800 cals although sometimes a eat a fry or a piece of burger at work but I frequently purge after I do so. Why can't I lose weight?! maybe I am eating more than I think...

Anyone else feeling as worthless as discouraged as me? It makes me want to say fuck it and binge!

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