Sunday, February 14, 2010

My goal for tomorrow

Maybe if I write down what I will eat tomorrow it will be easier to stick to my ABC!

Tomorrow is day 1 which is a 500 calorie day. My day will go like this...

B- Protein shake = 100 cals/6 carbs
S- Special K protein water = 30 cals/6 carbs
L- none
S- Boca Burger = 70 cals/6 carbs
D- Spinach raw = 13 cals/2 carbs
Sesame ginger dressing (2 tbs) = 45 cals/2 carbs
Chicken breast (5 oz) = 230 cals

Total = 488 calories and 22 grams carbs

Also I am going to the gym after work so I will prob burn around 300 cals. I'll update tomorrow.

Nothing tastes as good as thin feels! Don't forget it ladies.


  1. looks good, i know youll do great. tomorrow im planning on being my second day of the abc(i screwed up today lol) so ill also be 500 cals, i might just steal your food list for myself . :)
    stay strong

  2. i stick to locarb too. keep my daily intake at 20-30 carbs.
    keep us updated!