Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I'm glad to be sick

So the past couple days I've had a really sore throat. Tonight for dinner my fiance's mom wants to to Chinese food which benefits me in 2 ways. First, I hate Chinese food and my fiance knows that and so I am never forced to eat it. Second, I said my throat was so sore that I just wanted to bring a can of soup to have for dinner (Healthy request soup at 60 cals a serving and so yummy!)

So for today my plan was slightly modified since I'm not forced to eat such a high calorie content meal.

B- 2 rice cakes = 90 cals
turkey = 60 cals
L- Salad = 200 cals
S- 6 baked chips = 60 cals
salsa = 10 cals
guacamole = 30 cals
D- soup = 120 cals

Total 570 calories!

And I went to the gym but only burned 300 because I wasn't feeling well.

Overall a very good day. I'm going to take the advice of you lovely ladies and drink lots of water from now until dinner. I should do this anyway because I'm sick.

That's all for now! xoxo

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