Tuesday, February 16, 2010

no carbs, not for me

Avoiding carbs is impossible! Even the smallest portion of ketchup has 4 grams of carbs! And I love ketchup. I mix it with mustard and put it on pretty much everything instead of bbq or ranch or anything else. I decided I would rather eat carbs and a have an apple than not have carbs and risk a binge. I lost all my weight a few months ago by keeping my calories under 500 every day and I can do it again.

Today didn't go quite as well as planned but it was ok.

B- 3 egg whites = 48 cals
2 oz chicken breast with mustard = 90 cals
L- Protein water = 30 cals
1/8 turkey sandwhich with honey mustard = 200
D- Caesar salad no dressing = 80 cals
String beans = 30 cals

The rest takes some explaining. I went to dinner with my friend and ordered a Caesar salad with the dressing on the side (which i didn't eat) and a crab cake with string beans. I ate the salad and vegetables and took the crab cake home. I was going to save it for my fiance but I lost control. I ate the crab cake and then I ate like 6 Oreo cookies. I immediately realized what I was doing and shoved the rest of the cookies in the garbage disposal and went upstairs and purged. The cookies and the crab cake added up to 600 calories or so.

Without the binge I was at 478 calories. If I would have just threw away the crab cake and avoided the cookies I would have easily stayed under for my ABC.

And tomorrow my fiance and I are going out for our valentines day dinner (we always go out a few days after). So I know there is no possible way to stay under 500. Not possible at all. I am just going to consider this a huge fail and re-start my ABC on Thursday when I am in complete control and have no excuses to go to dinner any time soon.

Hope everyone's day went better than mine! Stay strong ladies.

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  1. what really stuck out to me in this post wasnt your binge, but your ability to stop the binge and take control by throwing away the cookies. what matters here is that you are getting stronger, most of us wouldnt have been able to stop till all the cookies were eaten(along with everything else in the house). take pride in how much strength that took.
    stay strong