Thursday, February 11, 2010

Research proves...

After I posted my last post I did some research online about the special k protein shake and found that they have a lot of sugar and carbs. No good. If I am going to do a liquid fast I don't want to be ingesting all those carbs!

Maybe what I should do is continue restricting and focus on eating and not carbs and try to put my body into ketosis which burns fat and not muscle. People say it is bad for you because once you start eating normal again you gain the weight back but lets be serious, I haven't eaten "normally" since I was 16 so...

Does anyone have any thoughts on ketosis or a liquid fast?

And P.S. After my recent few days of 900+ calories, my weight is still 115! Which is good I think I got my metabolism going so tomorrow when I really start restricting I will hopefully loose quickly. My goal is still to be at 110 pounds by Feb. 26th!

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