Thursday, February 18, 2010

The ultimate thinspo

The ultimate thinspo for me? That fact that I want to be the thinspo! I look at these pictures of these skinny girls that I admire so much and I just think about how I want to be that girl that other girls look at, envy, and post pictures of. I want to be that girl that other girls say "omg I would die to look like her." Does that make me vain? Absolutely. But would I have an ED if I were secure in my own, blubbery skin? Probably not.


  1. Oh hell yeah, would love to post "current" pics of myself on my blog and make you girls drool with envy... lol.
    But alas, my things would only inspire nausea.
    We will get there girl!!

    xoxo zen

  2. I meant to write "thighs" but I guess "things" works too. hehe

  3. Haa well nausea isn't always a bad thing! Especially right when I'm about to eat. Yes we will get there eventually...sigh

  4. Omg I did so good yesterday but my husband got mad cuz I didn't eat much of my breakfast and now I'm on a binge cuz he's home and hovering