Thursday, February 18, 2010

Liquid fast day 1

So I ate soo much last night. So much that my fiance was like "omg where are you putting all that food." It was kind of embarrassing actually because I feel so fat and not that he was calling me fat but he definitely noticed I was being a pig!

So in return I am liquid fasting all day today and tomorrow. These are the only two days I can fast because They are the only two days I can go without seeing my fiance during meal times. So its nothing but protein water, V8, and coffee for me! But I vow to stay under 200 cals anyway.

I also am not able to go to the gym today or tomorrow unfortunately so a liquid fast makes me feel better about being a lazy bum.


  1. Actually decided to fast today too, had a shake this am. lol coffee is essential.

  2. dont you love how fasting makes everything better? i know it saves me loads of pounds after a terrible food day.
    stay strong