Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sunday funday

Tomorrow is Sunday Funday. While most of my friends refer to it as this because they drink all day, I refer to it as this because I a) sleep in b) work out and c) restrict without anyone noticing. I am not forced to eat on Sundays because I tell the fiance I am eating at work and tell those at work that I "am soo sick of the food here! I ate at home." But since apparently fasting makes me gain weight (seriously wtf...) I am going to eat a bit before work and after working out to avoid a sneak attack from the french fry bin.

Tomorrow: gym 1 hour -400 calories

B- banana = 80 cals
L- boca burger = 70 cals
bread = 100 cals
veggies (1 cup) = 40 cals
D- apple = 80 cals
protein water = 30 cals

Total 400 calories. I better lose an 'effin pound!

1 comment:

  1. Oooh tough restricting. You will see results soon. I'll kick that pound's ass if it doesn't leave you alone. lol
    And don't forget tons of WATER.

    xoxo zen