Saturday, February 20, 2010

Not a single pound

So Thursday and FridayI fasted all day and all night. By the time Friday night came around my friends had noticed I wasn't really eating so they forced me to eat a salad which I ordered dressing on the side and only ate half. I felt great! I thought I had to have lost weight. I didn't eat for two days!

Well today was weigh in day. Lo and behold... I didn't lose a single damn pound. Wtf!?? How is this possible? I don't understand. I feel so discouraged. I mean, I am supposed to get my period tomorrow but I never actually get my period even though I am on birth control. I haven't gotten my period regularly ever.

I don't think my period has anything to do with the reason I haven't lost weight. I feel like crap. Why can't I lose weight?? Any ideas please comment. I'm desperate here.

1 comment:

  1. Soooo many factors. I rarely have my period too. But your body could be preparing. So you may still be retaining water.
    Especially if you had a bit of sodium while fasting.
    Drink tons of water, make it through the week, and I bet you will see results as your body levels out.

    xoxo zen