Monday, February 22, 2010

I feel like a cow

The title says it all. I feel like a huge fat cow. I can't lose weight and that discourages me and then I binge. Ugh I just wish I had better self control.

I went grocery shopping today right after my workout and right after I had starved all day. Lets just say that didn't end well. I didn't binge too badly but I ate baked chips and salsa and a bagel with low fat cream cheese. Probably an intake of about 400 calories. I took the advice of flushed and I poured dish detergent on the cream cheese and shook it up. Now its a sudsy mess.

Ohh my poor pathetic life. The problem is I get adventurous and try to get things that are tasty and eat them in moderation except the fat girl inside me doesn't know what moderation means and she forces me to eat it all.

Tomorrow it is restrict, restrict, restrict. The month of March is going to be called "Operation Get Skinny or Die Trying." 10 pounds by April 1st. I WILL DO THIS!


  1. don't worry! YOU CAN DO IT! i believe in you. sometimes in order to take 1 step in the right direction, you have to take 3 backwards. you'll make it! I KNOW IT!

    about the whole moderation thing, well the same happened to me yesterday. i bought melba toast and brie (yes, the real thing!). i ate the whole box of melba and the whole big ass wedge of brie. BAH! today though, i've fasted all day (with some light broth and vitamin water). so far so good. only 65 cals max right now.

  2. Washing the cream cheese was smart.
    I use windex though, makes it more *sparkly*

    xoxo zen

  3. I'm totally with you in this Op. 10 pounds in March!!! YES!