Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Rice cakes

Rice cakes! I forgot how delicious they are (Quaker white chedder is sooo yummy) and how low cal they are (45 cals). If I eat 2 rice cakes and drink a large water after I am good to go!

Tomorrow is a fresh start for me. One of my best friends and I agreed to lose 10 pounds by April 1st. So a little friendly competition is my motivation as well as my new favorite thinspo video which I have uploaded on my blackberry btw).

Tomorrow is Wednesday and I will be having:

Morning, gym -300 cals

B-2 rice cakes = 90 cals
L-Turkey = 60 cals
1/2 salad with fat free ranch = 60 cals
D-Mother-in-law's house for dinner = 500??

My total will be around 710 calories. Thats 200 calories over my limit but at least I'm going to the gym. Ughh maybe I will skip the turkey...


  1. When I am having a big dinner, I just drink tons of water and fast all day until evening.
    Then again, I am insanely disordered. ;)
    Have fun at the gym!

    xoxo zen

  2. hey, as long as its under 900 then your safe. plus a lot of times your metabolism will benefit from a slight increase. i totally agree with zen on the water part, drink till you cant drink any more! lol and hey, fasting is always a win win too if you go that route :P
    stay strong

  3. yeah, i promised my husband that i'd make a huge dinner tomorrow night in celebration of me going back to work. so i plan on fasting all day until dinner (just in case). my plan is 600 cal tomorrow, so i'm hoping that will be perfect to fast and then eat the dinner.

    i just know you'll lose the weight before your friend. good luck! YOU CAN DO IT!